Monday, December 3, 2007

Window-well Dioramas created by Carol Sass Tuttle

This was my clients' view before the window-well diorama in the next photo was begun. After preparing the concrete with a clear, water based, acrylic sealer I used acrylic indoor/outdoor house paint mixed with acrylic artist paints for the murals. A clear matte acrylic varnish was sprayed over the painting when it had thoroughly dried.

A picture of the 7th hole of famed Pebble Beach Golf course was the source of this diorama in the client's home office window-well. The scene measures approximately 5'W x 7'H. Silk grasses were added to the foreground when the painting was complete.

This diorama of a wooded garden with mountains in the distance was created in the client's bedroom window-well. A ladder on the back wall of the window well (required by law for egress) is camouflaged with paint to match the scene. This scene is approximately 6'W x 7'H. Silk flowers and a small gate were added in the foreground.

This diorama of a mountain scene was created in the concrete window-well of the clients' family room. Real Aspen Tree trunks and silk grasses were added to enforce the 3D effect. This window measures approximately 8'W x 7' H. The sill is 3 1/2' from the floor.